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FOAM Cloud App

FOAM Cloud App

The Cloud App has been designed and developed by ENSOMATOSYS, as a structural part of the FOAM System. The App has the following basic features and functionalities:

  • Receives and stores data transmitted by the FOAM IoT devices
  • Presents data via a user-friendly Graphical Interface (GI) 
  • Produces and exports analytic reports for all measured parameters  
  • Produces alarms and notifications for the users of the App (via e-mail, SMS)
  • Updates (over-the-air) the Firmware of the FOAM IoT devices
  • Configures (over-the-air) the functional parameters of the FOAM IoT devices
  • Configures and manages scheduled bunkering events, contacts, user groups and user rights
  • Has an open API for connection to other platforms and systems


Cloud App Structure

The Cloud App integrates the following modules :

  • Dashboard (generic information and statistics)
  • Real-Time Bunkering Map (active bunkering events)
  • Real-Time Bunkering Data (real-time data of active bunkering events)
  • Historic Data
  • Calendar (scheduled bunkering events)
  • Contacts (configuration of contacts, alarm settings)
  • Devices (device creation and configuration)
  • User Groups (creation of user groups and configuration of user group rights)
  • Users (creation of users and configuration of user rights)

FOAM Cloud App


Graphical Representation of

Measured Parameters and Alarms

All parameters, measured and collected by the FOAM IoT devices, are presented on 2D graphs, which show the evolution of the each parameter versus time, throughout the bunkering event. On each graph, the (user-defined) alarm limit – related to the presented parameter – is indicated, thus providing detailed information about: 

  • exactly when an alarm occured (i.e. parameter above limit and out of specs)
  • how many times and for how long (each time) the alarm occured


About Us

ENSOMATOSYS is a start-up company founded in Cyprus in 2022 by people with long experience in the trading of fuels and the bunkering operations, as well as a team of experienced engineers, able to design and manufacture state-of-the-art electronic and electromechanical systems.

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