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Fuel Oil Analysis & Measurements (FOAM)
Fuel Oil Analysis & Measurements


FOAM  is a smart IoT device – designed, developed and patented by ENSOMATOSYS – which applies to the refueling process of ships, with the following functionality and objectives:

    • Delivery – acceptance of the correct fuel quantity
    • Delivery – acceptance of fuel quality compliant with the ISO 8217: 2017 or any international or national standard in force, thus eliminating or minimizing catastrophic consequences for the ship’s engines and the environment
    • Optimal management of the bunkering process and minimization or even elimination of economic losses

FOAM monitors and analyzes in real-time numerous parameters of the bunkering process and real-time data are transmitted to the Cloud App and Data Base of ENSOMATOSYS over

    • the 5G/4G/2G cellular network 
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth (to a Mobile App for smartphones or any other portable device in short range)


FOAM Key Features


Small changes can have a big impact on large scale. FOAM performs real-time fuel oil analysis on the bunkering line, ensuring that the received / delivered fuel quantity is the agreed and desired one and that the fuel quality meets the customer needs and the engine’s specs, hence minimizing the risk for breakdowns, unscheduled maintenance and financial losses.


With uncompromising durability, FOAM is built to be used in the harsh marine conditions. The device has a Marine Type Approval and is certified with the EN/IEC standards of the RED, LVD, EMC, MID and ATEX Directives, as well as with various performance standards, by accredited labs.


Built with high quality and state of the art sensors, able to detect all measured parameters with high accuracy, compliant with ISO standards. Measurements and geofencing information are transmitted over-the-air and in real-time to a Cloud App. Notifications and alarms are transnitted  when certain, used-defined limits are exceeded. The device is battery operated, integrates indication LEDs and threaded flanges for quick and direct connection to the bunkering manifold.


FOAM is equipped with cellular 5G/4G/2G and WiFi transceivers. The device stores locally and transmits in real-time all measured parameters, notifications and alarms to a Cloud App, designed and developed by ENSOMATOSYS. In the same time, basic information is transmitted in short range via Bluetooth (BLE) to a Mobile App (loaded in anti-explosive cell-phones carried by the personnel involved with the bunkering procedures). Furthermore, the device is remotely configurable and supports Over-The-Air (OTA) Firmware updates.

Structure, Dimensions & Weight

  • 4-inch pipe : 90 kg
  • 6-inch pipe : 115 kg
  • 8-inch pipe : 145 kg
  • 4-inch pipe : 90.3 × 9 × 56.9 cm
  • 6-inch pipe : 95.3 ×9 × 66.9 cm
  • 8-inch pipe : 95.3 × 63.9 × 70.9 cm


FOAM Technical Specifications








About Us

ENSOMATOSYS is a start-up company founded in Cyprus in 2022 by people with long experience in the trading of fuels and the bunkering operations, as well as a team of experienced engineers, able to design and manufacture state-of-the-art electronic and electromechanical systems.

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